22. The OFM Podcast on Estrogen, Xenoestrogen, Phytoestrogen and Hormonal Balance with Wendy Sellens

January 3, 2017

Be prepared for another mind-blowing podcast that will challenge what you may thought you know about hormones, breast cancer and SO much more! OFM continues to shatter myths and break new ground with Wendy Sellens, Chinese Medicine Doctor and one of the top breast thermography experts in the world.  Bonus listening as our editor, Austin, decided to include off-the-air dialogue after the podcast because it was SO good! Download and dive into this information packed podcast with loads of great information YOU can USE in an engaging and entertaining podcast!

Wendy Sellens, DAOM WABT-BTI
President of The Women's Academy of Breast Thermography
President of the non-profit The Pink Bow - Breast Thermography Research and Education

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