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36. From the front to the back, Jeff Browning & Marc Sanderson give us a 360 degree view of running the 2019 Bear 100

36. From the front to the back, Jeff Browning & Marc Sanderson give us a 360 degree view of running the 2019 Bear 100

December 19, 2019

This episode of Food for Thought is an engaging, entertaining and insightful conversation with elite ultra-runner, Jeff Browning (aka Broncobilly), winner of The 2019 Bear 100 in 19:06 and Marc Sanderson who finished 173rd out of 204 finishers in 34:55 yielding a 360 degree view of what it's like to run a 100 Mile trail mountain ultra. This year's version of 'The Bear' lived up to it's name with some of the worst conditions in the history of the race. 

To give perspective Jeff's time reflects not only his level of ability and training but also the simple fact he was fortunate to outrun the weather whereas Mark was caught in were some of Jeff's clients whom he coaches. A lot of time is spent on the huge challenges faced by middle and back of the pack runners and the enduring grit that makes up the sport of ultrarunning. The sport's ultra-inclusiveness is also discussed in the conversation another reason so many people are drawn to the challenge of ultras.....while it is a personal journey of transformation the camaraderie and support to bring everyone along to persevere and overcome the challenge is what makes competition truly great....we all get better as a result. 

Both Jeff and Mark are 48 years old, have extensive ultra-running resumes they bring to this conversation but more so they both have fascinating personal journeys of overcoming health challenges. 

After several years of having severe GI issues which were only worsening, in late 2015 Jeff made the switch to OFM and the use of Vespa from a Primal diet and conventional fueling in his ultras. Since that time he has never looked back. His performance skyrocketed with an overall win in his first race just a month into the program at the 2016 HURT 100  and since then Jeff has risen to be one of the top elite ultra-runners at the 100 Mile Mountain Ultra Distance with wins at HURT, Hardrock, Bear, and, most recently Bloodrock tying Ann Trason for lifetime wins at the distance at 22 wins. 

Marc Sanderson is equally experienced having dozens of ultras including several 100+ mile distance ultras. In 2004 he completed the coveted Grand Slam of Ultrarunning completing Western States in under 24 hours, Vermont in under 20 hours, Leadville in just over 27 hours and Wasatch in just over 28 hours. During a random checkup in 2016 and completely asymptomatic Marc was diagnosed with Stage IV Mantle cell Lymphoma and immediately went into chemotherapy. Less than 2 years later Marc returned to ultra-running but with a different mindset. After his battle with Lymphoma he realized that, in spite of the training he needed to do more and that he could not outrun a diet that was not optimal. In the summer of 2019, 2 years after his diagnosis he made the switch to OFM and 3 months later he completed The Bear, his first 100 after beating cancer!

Here is his email:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Marc Sanderson <>
Date: Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 5:08 PM
Subject: Re: New customer message on July 7, 2019 at 7:19 pm
To: Pam Miller <>

It’s been a few years - hope you are doing great?

I’ve been through the ringer the last couple of years — Lucky for me I work for a hospital, had a random cardiac calcium scan and found myself with a stage 4 Mantel Cell Lymphoma.  I’m two years post stem cell transplant and doing great. 

I’m needing to make a come back running and I’m having a hell of a time dropping the extra  20 lbs gained through my treatment in combination with just not being able to run like I did before being sick.   I’m going to run my first 100 since being diagnosed at the end of September this year and was wondering if you felt, given my circumstances that I could benefit from VESPA.  I used it on and off years ago after meeting you at one of the race expos and really felt like it help with a couple races that I ran.....  but like alway, cost and consistency was a struggle. 

I need something.....  I read every damn email I get from VESPA and I feel like it is something that I need to give a go with??  

I would love an opportunity to chat with you again, I’m looking for some advice on weight loss and then coming back from my cancer treatments that damn near killed me. I did crazy high doses of chemo living inpatient at Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City over six months leading to my stem cell transplant. I need to fix myself or just give up the idea of ever competing again and just be happy that I’m alive?  

I have a great attitude towards life, I’m committed to fix myself or at least give it one hell of a go!!  I just turned 48 and would love not only to break the course record at the Utah Valley Marathon for the 50 age group in two years by running a sub 3 hour again but also to be able to enjoy the long distance running events 50k, 100k and 100 milers?  

Sorry for the long email, I just feel like you could help me — it’s the reason I’m reaching out. 

Thanks for reading, I’d make myself available to talk, email or if needed —I’d fly down and have myself a one on one evaluation, discussion/appointment.....  that’s how bad I need to do something different, because my way is not working. 

Marc Sanderson


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35. Coming back from a Parasitic Infection

35. Coming back from a Parasitic Infection

April 3, 2019

Life is full of challenges because that's what life is all about. Some are planned like getting an 2019_Knoxville_4th.jpgeducation, learning a sport, signing up for a race or competition while Life can throw us monumental challenges when we least expect it! Today's podcast features OFM Athletes and Coaches Amy Hamilton and Naomi Land who live on opposite sides of the world yet contracted exactly the same parasite, Blasto Cytosis (Blastocystis). 

Like Lyme's Disease the symptoms can vary and are often mis-diagnosed. In the case of both Amy and Naomi this was the case. It took literally years before proper diagnosis and treatment were made to correct the issue and in that time complications and other issues surfaced. In Naomi's case Hypothroidism and Amy's Candida, hip fracture and labral tear. 


To add insult to injury during this time many health professionals dismissed their concerns and literally told them this was what to expect as middle age females and 'normal'. But persistence paid off and these plucky women kept seeking solutions and have overcome their conditions and gotten back to training, competing and, most of all, robust health. Both consider OFM as a key strategy and tool to reclaiming their health. 

While this episode was recorded several weeks ago, this past weekend, the end of March Naomi organized and competed in the Roller Coaster Ride, an 87K Charity Ride from Bowen to Collinsville in Queensland, Australia while Amy ran a 3:13:39 comeback marathon in Knoxville, Tennessee placing 4th Overall Female, (technically 1st AG but as she was a top 5 female she was not officially listed in her AG) and a Boston Qualifier!

 This is a podcast many can related to and you will both enjoy and learn from this episode. Patience, diligence and a willingness to not accept your situation as the norm. 





34. The Power of Love (with some help from Vespa & OFM): Beth James, Mother, Wife, Small Business Owner, First Mother/Daughter PC Team to complete an IM

34. The Power of Love (with some help from Vespa & OFM): Beth James, Mother, Wife, Small Business Owner, First Mother/Daughter PC Team to complete an IM

February 13, 2019

It's only fitting we launch this episode on Valentine's Day! The power of a Mother's Love for her child with a little help from Vespa and it's OFM program, gives Beth James the passion and fire to train and complete IM Wisconsin, one of the toughest IM courses. Beth discusses her training, racing and life with Liza as a mom, wife and small business owner.....all full time occupations in and of themselves! Throw in a little IronMan training with a dash of PC to add a layer of complexity and you have another example of how OFM yields real results from real people just like you. This is health!

33. Karin Carestia, RPh,  OFM & Why Compound Pharmacy

33. Karin Carestia, RPh, OFM & Why Compound Pharmacy

January 13, 2019

Karin Carestia joins OFM Host Peter Defty for a VERY insightful look into compound pharmacy as well as the OFM perspective from that of a compound pharmacist and athlete. 

What makes Karin unique is she is a high level AG Cyclist, Skier and outdoor enthusiast so optimal health and performance are part of her being. Karin and OFM Podcast Host, Peter Defty, began conversations years ago first about VESPA which naturally led to OFM. Karin, a lifelong learner, quickly "got it" on how optimizing the body's physiology to metabolize fat had huge implications for health as well as performance. Her practice combines compound pharmacy with functional medicine, natural supplementation and diet/lifestyle coaching to offer clients a Holistic & Customized approach to their health and wellness. 

Karin offers fantastic insights and strategies a compound pharmacy offer that the generic pharma distribution model simply cannot deliver. Listen close and learn a lot of valuable information you can use!

Karin's Professional Profile


32. 2018 Badwater 135 & Atacama Desert FKT Holder & all-around fabulous human Michele Graglia on OFM

32. 2018 Badwater 135 & Atacama Desert FKT Holder & all-around fabulous human Michele Graglia on OFM

October 4, 2018

Michele Graglia shares his experience as an Ultra-Running Champion. This not only includes how Vespa and OFM has been a game-changer in his performance but thoughts on life and LIVING! This is an inspiring story!

Michele WON this year's Badwater 135 which, in case you don't know, is an ultra which starts at Badwater Death Valley, the lowest point in the continental US, to the Whitney Portal 8347' (original race went to the top of Mt. Whitney) a distance of 135 miles. More so this race is run in the middle of July, the hottest time of the year!

This year temperatures reached 128 degrees Farenheit, the hottest in race history!

Michele recently completed a multi-day crossing of the Atacama Desert in Chile setting the FKT!

31. Major John Rutherford USMC: Early Adopter of OFM

31. Major John Rutherford USMC: Early Adopter of OFM

August 8, 2018

2017_Savageman_70_3_Swim_2017_09_27_10_28_35_UTC_.jpgThis is a MUST listen to episode for any endurance athlete open to making the paradigm shift to OFM! John Rutherford is a lifelong endurance athlete and an Early Adopter of Vespa then OFM. We trace his journey from being a teenage high carb cyclist on the USA Cycling Development Team during the time when Lance Armstrong & Tyler Hamilton had recently gone Pro and the culture was "complicated" to his life today as a State Department Foreign Service Officer, USMC Reservist, Husband, Father and OFM Athlete!

This podcast includes his experience being part of the FASTER STUDY LCD Cohort and the athlete who recorded the highest rate of fat oxidations, 1.79 grams/minute, at 75% of VO2 Max during data collection for FASTER! 

John discusses the paradigm shift this has been for not only his performance as an athlete but his entire lifestyle including how easy, intuitive and sustainable OFM is as a way of life!

30. Conversation with Barry Murray of Optimum Nutrition 4 Sport

30. Conversation with Barry Murray of Optimum Nutrition 4 Sport

April 11, 2018

Years before the rise of "keto" Barry Murray was coaching athletes to become fat adapted to optimize their performance and health in a parallel universe to OFM's Peter Defty. Here is a candid conversation on fat adaptation in the real world with two of the modern pioneers in fat adapted performance. 

29. Food Politics with Adele Hite and Peter Ballerstedt

29. Food Politics with Adele Hite and Peter Ballerstedt

July 25, 2017

This is a lively far-flung conversation with Adele Hite RD who is really a food/diet/health policy advocate and Peter Ballerstedt PhD with OFM Host, Peter Defty. The conversation goes far and wide to explore, dissect and rant on the current state of affairs of food politics. Prepare yourself this is not sound-bite podcasting and lots of nuggets can be gleaned. 

28. OFM continues to explore the Nexus of  Technology & Its Physiological Impacts on the Human Potential with  Michael Neuert

28. OFM continues to explore the Nexus of Technology & Its Physiological Impacts on the Human Potential with Michael Neuert

June 4, 2017

Continuing our exploration of the "unintendined consequences" and impacts modern technology has on our health and performance Michael Neuert joins Food for Thought: The OFM Podcast Host, Peter Defty, for an even more in depth conversation on the physiological impacts of various EMF exposure we exist with on a daily basis in our modern world. Michael brings decades of expertise and experience to this conversation. While working on an electrical engineering project in the 1980's to reduce EMF in electric blankets Michael came across various several published studies which demonstrated the negative physiological impacts of EMF in their various forms. This "exposure" to the literature never left him after the project and he went on to investigate further, learning more and more but also learning how these effects were carefully and quiety kept from becoming public knowledge. 

In 1992 he formed his company, Neuert Electromagnetic Services / The EMF Center, which specializes in EMF awareness, testing, consulting, products and information to help the consumer gain the maximum benefits various modern electrical technologies provide through minimizing their physiological impacts on our health and performance. 

In this podcast Michael clearly outlines the various physiological impacts humans are exposed to and how they manifest themselves. He also covers how certain people are hyper-sensitive to various EMF radiation while others not so much....that being said, there is always an impact and long term chronic exposure will have an impact even on the most tolerant.  Included in this far-reaching conversation are the "how-to's" of what a person can and should do to minimize EMF in a practical and doable way.....ways the listener can take immediate action on. 

This is another long yet engaging and informative conversation which can help the listener in their OFM Journey....unless you live in a log cabin in the wilderness far away from non-native EMF this is another "dont' miss" podcast about YOU & your family's HEALTH & WELL-BEING!....dive in!


27. OFM explores RBC Agglutination with Beverly Rubik PhD

27. OFM explores RBC Agglutination with Beverly Rubik PhD

April 27, 2017

Technology brings a host of "unintended consequences" along with its benefits. While empowering us in many ways many common electronic technologies also sap us of our energy and health. Dr. Beverly Rubik (PhD UC Berkeley, Biophysics 1979) joins Food for Thought: The OFM Podcast host, Peter Defty to share her pioneering work on how non-native emf's  (EMF=Electromagnetic Field) and non-ruminant red meat which has not been properly cured or marinated has immediate & profound deleterious effects on RBC's (RBC=Red Blood Cell). 

In addition to discussing the issues and there impacts Beverly & Peter discuss everyday strategies to minimize the impacts. 


Dr. Rubik's Institute: