27. OFM explores RBC Agglutination with Beverly Rubik PhD

April 27, 2017

Technology brings a host of "unintended consequences" along with its benefits. While empowering us in many ways many common electronic technologies also sap us of our energy and health. Dr. Beverly Rubik (PhD UC Berkeley, Biophysics 1979) joins Food for Thought: The OFM Podcast host, Peter Defty to share her pioneering work on how non-native emf's  (EMF=Electromagnetic Field) and non-ruminant red meat which has not been properly cured or marinated has immediate & profound deleterious effects on RBC's (RBC=Red Blood Cell). 

In addition to discussing the issues and there impacts Beverly & Peter discuss everyday strategies to minimize the impacts. 


Dr. Rubik's Institute: http://www.frontiersciences.org/







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