28. OFM continues to explore the Nexus of Technology & Its Physiological Impacts on the Human Potential with Michael Neuert

June 4, 2017

Continuing our exploration of the "unintendined consequences" and impacts modern technology has on our health and performance Michael Neuert joins Food for Thought: The OFM Podcast Host, Peter Defty, for an even more in depth conversation on the physiological impacts of various EMF exposure we exist with on a daily basis in our modern world. Michael brings decades of expertise and experience to this conversation. While working on an electrical engineering project in the 1980's to reduce EMF in electric blankets Michael came across various several published studies which demonstrated the negative physiological impacts of EMF in their various forms. This "exposure" to the literature never left him after the project and he went on to investigate further, learning more and more but also learning how these effects were carefully and quiety kept from becoming public knowledge. 

In 1992 he formed his company, Neuert Electromagnetic Services / The EMF Center, which specializes in EMF awareness, testing, consulting, products and information to help the consumer gain the maximum benefits various modern electrical technologies provide through minimizing their physiological impacts on our health and performance. 

In this podcast Michael clearly outlines the various physiological impacts humans are exposed to and how they manifest themselves. He also covers how certain people are hyper-sensitive to various EMF radiation while others not so much....that being said, there is always an impact and long term chronic exposure will have an impact even on the most tolerant.  Included in this far-reaching conversation are the "how-to's" of what a person can and should do to minimize EMF in a practical and doable way.....ways the listener can take immediate action on. 

This is another long yet engaging and informative conversation which can help the listener in their OFM Journey....unless you live in a log cabin in the wilderness far away from non-native EMF this is another "dont' miss" podcast about YOU & your family's HEALTH & WELL-BEING!....dive in!






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