25. Travis Macy & The OFM Transformation

February 21, 2017

 Travis is an internationally acclaimed endurance athlete who has competed in some of the World's most grueling events. like the Leadville 100 and Eco Challenge Adventure Race etc. Gleaning from the lessons of his career as an endurance athlete he wrote "The Ultra Mindset" which embodies the OFM mental game.  This gave Travis the critical thinking skills to recognize the signs that the effects of performing physical activities at a high level by fueling them with massive amounts of carbohydrates were becoming significant detriments to his health and performance. Last year Travis made the switch and is here today to share his views, strategies and results from making the fundamental shift back to "fat is fuel" the OFM way!  Join Travis, Peter & Naomi for an uplifting conversation on his personal OFM transformation.





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