09. Jeff Browning, Ultrarunner

August 9, 2016

Veteran Ultrarunner Jeff Browning comes on Food For Though: The OFM Podcast to share his journey to becoming an OFM Athlete and how it has literally transformed his performance since making the switch in December 2015 only 6 weeks out from his first 100 Miler, The HURT 100 which he won handily to a CR and WIN at The FREE State 100K, An epic 4 day/146 mile run/hike of the Owyhee River Canyons to a Podium Finish at Western States 100 then 19 days later coming in a strong 4th at Hard Rock 100 Miler and setting a new WS/HR double record! This is an information packed episode for anyone yearning to live epic and realize their health and performance potential.  Check out more on Jeff at his blog gobroncobilly.com


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