Food for Thought

17. OFM & the Ruminant Revolution!

November 10, 2016

Join us for an enlightening and fact filled conversation with Peter Ballerstedt PhD on "The Ruminant Revolution!" Counter-intuitive to most of the environmental science in the media, ruminants play a vital role in the eco-system, including carbon sequestration and your own ! This podcast covers the gamet from differences in the digestive tracts of ruminants from other mammals (including humans) to their role in nature, to nutritional facts about ruminant red meat and how they fit into the OFM Program. We also dispense a lot of the polarization when it comes to sourcing red meat to take out the stress and fear most consumers are led to believe about ruminant meats and feeding/grazing practices. Boatloads of "Meaty" information without the fluff or hyperbole, which the listener can use to improve not only their health and well being. All from the people "Leading the Science" on fat adapted health!

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